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The New, New Avengers... Of The Internet!

By January 20, 2013

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PHOTO:All Rights, Microsoft Corporation

A recent smart phone commercial tells us that you're not upgrading your phone, you're upgrading YOU! You have access to all the information in the world, can access hundreds of thousands of applications, are able to capture high-quality images and recordings of the world around you, and can reach across the globe to contact people and deliver work! The smart phone gives you superpowers on the Cloud. If you follow the endless wave of comics as blockbuster movies, you notice something interesting about superheros. After the super hero appears, it's not long before the villains arrive.

For nearly a decade, the Cloud has made us all super heroes. Cool! Every now and then, we get an attack or two on the Cloud, but it was usually quickly fought off. However, at the beginning of 2013, the Internet has been under nearly continual attack by the forces of evil, cutting off and crashing the Cloud services that we have come to depend on. Will this new axis of evil cause the Cloud to come crashing down to earth? Or will someone save the Cloud?

Luckily, a new team of super-powered Cloud technicians has come together to protect us from the Internet attacks too powerful for anyone's IT department to defend them. And if these super heroes cannot protect us, then they will be damn sure that they can invoice us! ... What? Well, banks and corporations have been overwhelmed by the speed and complexity of these attacks. Viruses are harder to stop, often getting past anti-virus tool, leaving in-house IT groups waiting around for an update to their anti-virus tools to deal with the latest attack. Newer and more aggressive "denial of services" attack, which targets your connections to your Cloud provider and the Internet, require that these heroes reside outside of your firm, out where the trouble begins. When a denial of access attack cut off your access and it's like your Cloud service has been stolen, it just disappears! Now governments (including the United States, China, and Iraq) are launching large scale cyber-attacks, escalating the scale of damage to world-wide warfare.

If you've outsourced to the Cloud you can gain a lot of remarkable new features, but life in the Cloud exposes you to new threats. If you are committed to the Cloud, you do need to turn to the new generation of Internet Avengers to protect you against the latest evil doers. With extraordinary power comes extraordinary responsibilities... or at least extraordinary consulting bills!


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