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2013 Predictions for Outsourcing

Can you see a brilliant outsourcing program for 2013 in your crystal ball?

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Staff Augmentation

Does Outsourcing have a new name?

India's Management Gap

How the lack of managers in India is the biggest threat to the success of outsourcing!

Outsourcing: Is this the end?

Will outsourcing fade away in the next few years?

Groupon: Powerful Outsourcing, But Use With Caution

Groupon is a powerful tool for outsourced marketing, but you always need to be sure that YOU are in charge!




Yelp!, one of the world's best known social marketing sites.

Yelp! … That’s Some Magical Database!

Is it time to use Yelp!, or time to find an alternative?

Fixed rate contract

How to use a fixed rate contract

A Cloud Service with a difference... for investors!

Is crowd funding a bad deal for investors?

Outsourcing Goes NUCLEAR!

Nuclear power is in the news again!

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