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Chris Niccolls

Cost Matters: PowerSearch's Innovative Pricing Model

By June 19, 2012

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A "document review" is a stage of a lawsuit, where a large number of documents must be search for relevant information. Many of these reviews are outsourced, using a variety of software tools to manage a hosting site and to sift through the documents. Only recently has the review process chnaged from manually reading documents to using powerful software features to locate teh right documents.

The old way of doing a review was to wait as long as possible, hope that the case would close witout having to do a review, and then performing a review just weeks before the court would require the doucments. Of course, this meant poor planning and costly re-reading of the documents as the definition of the "right documents" kept changing or was incorrectly communicated to reviewers.

Now search tool providers such as PowerSearch, are trying a new idea. If you only charge for documents that meet your driteria, instead of charging for all the documents you searched, the cost of a review goes way down. With a lower cost, you can start your reviews sooner, and have documents ready to extract. But you can still wait to "pull the trigger" on actually extracting data, until the cort requests a delivery date for the responsive documents.

PowerSearch's motto is, "Cull before you collect!" If you could "prep" the data for free and be ready for an order from the court, would you do it? What do you think?


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