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Shared Services

Shared services are internalized outsourcing. Centers of Excellence, expertise put together for the benefit of a firm, without the requirement of a vendor, but offshored in many instances. What is different, what is evolving regarding this model are issues addresses int his category

Developing Your Shared Services/Outsourcing Business Case
A business case is a document that describes a business problem and outlines a proposal for how the problem will be addressed or overcome. It must contain a logical and convincing argument that justifies a business decision to spend funds. It's a structured proposal that describes the work to be done and it is used as a tool for decision making, as well as being a blueprint for the solution that the program will deliver if it is approved. The business case provides the economic justification and overall change rationale for the proposed program.

Shared Services & Outsourcing Network
the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) - the largest and most established global community of over 35,000 shared services and outsourcing professionals. SSON is your access point to the latest industry news, articles, interviews, presentations, events, research, whitepapers, webinars, jobs PLUS the all NEW Collaborative Research Network

Shared Services and Outsourcing
Many companies have already outsourced their IT and back-office functions or established shared services centres for major business processes. They are now outsourcing core activities like research, product development and tax and legal services, as globalisation and connectivity enable new ways of doing business. The rationale for outsourcing is thus changing dramatically; a growing number of organisations see it as a means of obtaining strategic advantages, not just as a cost-cutting measure.

Shared Services Summit
We have added new features for this year's event, including an Executive Agenda for Mature SSOs, as well as the expansion of the program tracks, including one focusing on Mature BPO

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