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RFP Development and Vendor Selection

How do you determine which functions/processes to outsource? Which countries to select? Which vendors are feasible? RFP Development and Vendor Selection address these and other evolving issues.

The Real “India Price”
How well do you understand the "India Price" and the cost of offshore compensation?

How to Write an RFP
A Request for Proposal, also called an RFP or RFQ, is a document issued by a company when it wants to buy something and chooses to make the specifications public.

Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quotation(RFQ)
A well written Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ) is the key for selecting the best vendor at the best value for your company

Successful Outsourcing Vendor Selection Process
Experts will tell you that the outsourcing vendor selection processes can be pretty complicated and also an emotional undertaking - that is, if you do not know how to approach it from the very beginning. Here are steps to help you select the right outsourcing vendor for your business. This guide will help you analyze your business needs, search for prospective vendors, pilot the team in choosing the winning vendor(s) and provide you with the knowledge on contract negotiations and effectively avoiding negotiation errors.

The Five Step Vendor Selection process
The vendor selection process can be a very complicated and emotional undertaking if you don't know how to approach it from the very start.

Vendor Selection: Overview
For some, vendor selection is an art itself for others it is a process to meet the right IT service vendor. Of course, as with locations, you can decide to go by the crowd and select one of the well known outsourcing vendors. Definitely, there are advantages to follow this approach; You do not leave the “beaten path” Plenty of references Sound experience You can simply pre-select a few of the well known IT Outsourcing vendors (quite easy to find those) and run an evaluation on them to check how far they can align with your requirements and outsourcing strategy.

Can Outsourcing be… Shoreless?
When you design your outsourcing program with your vendors, should you stop thinking in terms of onshore and offshore and start thinking of "shoreless"?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Is Outsourcing The Fairest Sourcing of All?
Do you know about the outsourcing cycle? Learn quickly, you only have until midnight!

Feel Renewed… 7 Points To Refresh Your Outsourcing Program
When your outsourcing program matures, you start to have different management concerns.

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