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Nearshoring is a form of outsourcing arrangement performed in roughly the same time zone with less than one days travel to reach the nearshore destination. Examples for the United States include domestic, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Central America and South America.

How Violence In Mexico Impacts Nearshoring
While India continues to be the dominant offshore outsourcing location, “nearshoring” (nearshore outsourcing) to Mexico has become an attractive strategy for many major U.S.-based companies, including Microsoft, USAirways and Best Western International. However, the recent upswing in drug cartel-related violence has thrown the risk-reward calculus into question.

The Case for Nearshore Outsourcing
There is a common belief that businesses are better off if they turn over all of their non-core competency work to third parties. This idea has driven to the growth of the multi-billion dollar IT outsourcing business. However, an alarming number of failed attempts at a “one-size-fits-all” approach have shaken corporate faith in the traditional outsourcing model.

THE POWER 50: Architects, Advocates and Visionaries
Despite tumultuous economic conditions around the world, Nearshore providers continue to attract more and more buyers. Analysts cite the familiar reasons: geographic proximity, time zone, large number of English speakers, costs. Clients cite technical abilities, creativity, love of innovation, and willingness to engage as partners and not simply as drones—”How about if we try this?” rather than “Tell me what to do, boss.”

Tips for Living with Your Outsourcing Partner; What the Buy Side Does Wrong
What is often left unspoken is the mistakes made on the buyer-side

What is Nearshore It Outsourcing

Outsourced Matzo? Oy Vey!
How a little farm in Yuma Arizona is helping a Hassidic community in New York make a better Matzo.

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