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Governance and Relationship Management

Governance and Relationship Management is the most important part of an ongoing outsourcing arrangement. Everyone, the client and the vendor wants to outsource, the environment changes once the contracts are negotiated and transition begins. But the success on engagement depends on governance and relationship management.

About IT Governance
IT Governance, or Information Technology Governance, is a subset of Corporate Governance focused on information technology (IT) systems performance and risk management.

Eight Principles of Good Outsourcing Governance
Why are some outsourcing relationships successful, while others struggle or fail? While these complex relationships require strong processes, skills and tools to succeed, outsourcing excellence depends on a governance operating model based on principles, rather than rules.

Solid Governance Model Key to IT Outsourcing Contract Success
Governance models are increasingly placing responsibility for IT outsourcing contracts under the sphere of the IT department rather than procurement, experts agree, as companies look to improve results and put the right person or team at the helm of the outsourcer relationship.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) - Definition
Definition: Supplier Relationship Management is an all-inclusive approach to managing the affairs and interactions with the organizations that supply your company with goods and services.

Vendor Management Best Practices
Regardless of what business you're in, vendors play a key role in the success of your business. Using the following vendor management best practices to build a mutually strong relationship with your vendors will strengthen your company's overall performance in the marketplace. Ignoring these sound vendor management principles will result in a dysfunctional relationship that will have the potential to negatively impact your business.

Metadata Matters to Your Outsourcing Program
Understanding how Metadata hides information about your documents, how to remove this data, and why developing a metadata process is important for an outsourcing program.

Understanding Co-Employment and Outsourcing
The relationship between a worker and employer is important for legal and other reasons. In some outsourcing programs we confuse the role of the employer, having both the vendor and the client playing some manager roles. Learn about the risks of co-employment, and how to avoid liability!

Onshore and Offshore Compensation Trends
The cost of offshore labor is impacted by multiple factors such as: the skills of workers, their seniority, and location. Since most clients pay a single fee rather than individual costs, changes in wages may not have the expected impact when you write or renew a contract.

How to Communicate with Your Outsourcer
Once your outsourcing program has started, you need to have regular meetings with your vendor. If you don't, your program may not meet all goals. You need to commit to a regular and ongoing communications process to make outsourcing successful.

Outsourcing Experiment: Values and The Vendor Relationship
Do outsourcing vendors follow your values when you're not around? Here are some tips to know to make sure that what your vendor does matches your values.

Outsourcing Experiment: Learning to Kill Projects
Do't just focus on making projects better, spend some time learning to kill outsourcing projects that just don't make any sense!

Location Matters When You Change Your Outsourcer!
Do you have a plan when it's time to switch vendors?

Ratcheting Up Outsourcing Success
Ensure that the progress you make in outsourcing stays with you year after year!

Offshore Centers NEED Improvement Programs!
Why do successful outsourcing programs use process improvement?

Where’s The… ummm Horse… errr... Beef?
How did the horsemeat scandal start in Europe?

Outsourced Matzo? Oy Vey!
How a little farm in Yuma Arizona is helping a Hassidic community in New York make a better Matzo.

Why America Wants “Just a Little” Outsourcing Reform in Bangladesh
An update on safety issues in Bangladesh.

Is Pakistan’s Outsourcing Broken?
Can the industrial accidents in Pakistan be fixed by an agreement between outsourcing clients?

Obamacare: Four Rules For Government Outsourcing
Could the debacle in Washington about our heath care system have been avoided?

World’s Biggest Outsourcer Investigated for Fraud
Corruption in China may be on the way out!

Feel Renewed… 7 Points To Refresh Your Outsourcing Program
When your outsourcing program matures, you start to have different management concerns.

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