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Innovative Outsourcing Ideas for Education


The a private college cost $30,0000 per year, with the cost of state colleges not too far behind. Washington endlessly debates healthcare costs, which have risen 600% over the last 30 years prices, but the cost of college has risen 1,120%! High schools and private schools have also been rising , while property tax revenue, state funding and the Federal government have all fallen. Schools need a way to close their budget gaps and get their costs under control. Education in America in under tremendous financial pressure, and must make some difficult choices. Outsourcing may be the best option to save education in America!

1. Open-Source Book Projects Provide Free School Textbooks!

Every parent knows that textbooks are a big, and growing, part of school's costs. What most parents (plus school boards and colleges) don't know is that textbooks can be virtually free... if you take a few minutes to learn about Open-Source Book Projects! Read this article and you can show your school how to take advantage of 21st century textbook technology!

2. Scandals in "No Child Left Behind" Fixed With Outsourcing

The Federal Government tried to fix primary school education with the "No Child Left Behind" program. School boards started to show improvement, and school districts... such as Atlanta... had dramatic improvements. Just after some Atlanta educators received national attention, and awards, they were arrested for fraud. As more fraud is uncovered, and "improvements" are being called into question, education professionals are learning that some services NEED to be outsourced!

3. School Boards Close Budget Gaps With Outsourcing

Outsourcing is nothing new to many school boards. School bus services and facility maintenance work have been outsourced in many school districts. However, as school bards are squeezed by ever larger budget gaps, new outsourcing programs will need to be more creative, and deliver larger savings!

4. Outsourcing Lowers The Cost Of College

The cost of a college degree at a private college is now $30,000. When college graduates marry they may start out their lives with $240,000 or more in debt... and that's before they buy a house! Outsourcing is just one option for cutting the cost of a college degree, but it is an option that colleges can no longer ignore! Some innovative outsourcing project could cut costs AND improve education!

5. Are College Administration Costs Out Of Control?

There has been a national debate about the runaway cost of healthcare, which has risen by a phenomenal 600% over the last 30 years. Far less attention has been paid to the cost of a college education, which has risen by a mere 1,120%. That's right, the cost of a degree has risen twice as fast as healthcare... and it may rise even faster in the coming years. The big shocker is that the money is NOT going to salaries for educators and in class costs! Administrative overhead is the fastest rising cost in most colleges! It's time to outsource non-core work and ratchet back the cost of college administration!

6. More Outsourcing Projects For Colleges!

Many colleges used to be free, but over time there are fewer, and fewer free and low cost options. In the 1980s, a financial crisis driven by a recession destroyed free tuition at UCLA, CUNY, SUNY and other state universities. Today, a financial crisis driven by a recession destroyed free tuition at one of the last, and best known, free colleges in America: Cooper Union College in New York City. Started in 2013, Cooper Union College will go from $0 tuition to $20,000. Even colleges that charge tuition are being hit by the same economic forces. Will a college degree become too expensive for the average American? Not if colleges embrace outsourcing and make tuition affordable again!

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