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Feasibility Assessment and Strategy Development

Feasibility assessment and strategy development discusses topics including readiness assessment, business case development, lift and shift versus fix and shift, ......

Outsourcing And The Environment: Seven Trends to Watch
New trends in recycling will move the work to outsourcers.

Cyber-Spies, Security Risks and Unnatural Disasters
If your business is dependent on the Internet or on Cloud Services, then you need to know about the cyber-threats to your data, and your firm!

8 Tips To Plan Your Outsourcing Program!
Useful tips when planning an outsourcing program.

Reality Star Chef Gordon Ramsay on... Core Competency
You can learn a lot from reality star Gordon Ramsay, even how to manage core competencies.

5 Tips for a Successful Outsourcing Project
Outsourcing success is dependent upon how well you manage the process before and after the outsourcing contract is signed.

Do What You do Best and Hire the Rest
One straegy that can help you save time, money and frustration is to outsource as much work as possible to skilled but cost-effective external service providers.

Lowers College Cost AND Improves College Education With Outsourcing
A plan to cut the cost of college tuition.

Outsourcing: What it is and what it can do for you
Before you start to evaluate if an outsourcing strategy is right for you and your company, you need to understand what it is and what it is not.

Quick Reference Guide to Accelerating Change
Change Management is a key element of Outsourcing

What to Look for When Outsourcing Your Marketing
Outsourcing has become an essential part of a business strategy and this includes the marketing strategy

Outsourcing and the Government: Looking at Basic Services
When you choose a location for outsourcing, do you think about the services that the government provides? You should!

Outsourcing Experiment: Don’t Just Move, Improve!
When you outsource, you always run into problems; every outsourcing program needs process improvement process to increase the value of your program , and offset the cost of unplanned problems.

Kill Email & Take Back Time
Email is the big time killer at work, and it remains a big time killer even if you outsource. Its time to understand how to tackle this problem!

Improve Outsourcing With Onshore Projects!
Why are firms turning towards America as a location for outsourcing?

Disaster Planning Works Best With Outsourcing!
How to improve your disaster recovery plan with an element of outsourcing.

Cyber-Storms Could Be Worse Than Hurricane Sandy!
Super-Hurricanes are now in the news, but super computer attacks could do more to damage your business. Learn how outsourcing can limit your risks.

How Do You Share Data With Your Outsourcing site?
The issues you need to understand in order to allow outsourced staff have access to your data.

Total Outsourcing Totally Misses the Point!
Outsourcing an entire department, in one step, is raerly a good idea!

Four Factors For Choosing An Outsourcing Location
How to choose the best location for outsourcing your work.

7 Must Read Articles That Explain Government Outsourcing
Explaining the rising trend in government outsourcing.

CYBERWAR: The Corporate Battlefront
Why the latest changes in cyber warfare matter to big corporations in America.

Can Outsourcing be… Shoreless?
When you design your outsourcing program with your vendors, should you stop thinking in terms of onshore and offshore and start thinking of "shoreless"?

Schools Are Learning the ABCs of Outsourcing
Budgets are getting tight and school boards are looking for innovative ways to reduce costs.

Outsourcing Can Fix “No Child Left Behind”
The "No Child Left Behind" program was a great idea, until corrupt school systems started to cheat on the tests; outsourcing the test process is the best only way to get this program back on track!

Labor Arbitrage
Businesses ousource to either grow the top line or reduce the bottom line through labor arbitrage

Innovative Outsourcing Ideas for Education
Schools face tremendous financial pressure, but well planned and innovative outsourcing projects may just the right solution for your school board or college!

Lessons in Outsourcing: Waste Management
For years garbage has been flowing from the US to China, now we may have to find new ways to deal with our own trash.

Water Outsourcing Is Coming To The US!
Rising water needs and falling municipal revenues makes water outsourcing a top outsourcing priority!

California's Hyperloop and the Art of Estimation
How can Elon Musk's $6 billion estimate for the Hyperloop transportation system be so far off from the $100 billion transportation experts believe his idea will really cost?

Shhh… Detroit's Quiet Outsourcing Revolution
Detroit has very quietly attracted Chinese outsourcers!

Using Best Practices In Your Outsourcing Plan
Fire rules for developing a system of best practices for your outsourcing plan.

March of the Lobsters Or... Learning to Read Data
Species extinction has wiped out many finfish, but has benefited lobster harvests, and dramatically dropped the price of lobster meat. Will the return of the lobster destroy the New England lobster industry?

The Top Labor Issues Are Changing!
Labor is back in the news. Around the world, labor issues are on the rise. Political theory tells us that when the economy gets better, and workers feel more secure, they begin to ask for more. The long economic downturn has been preceded by a big upturn in corporate profitability, but wages have been flat or falling, in onshore and offshore countries. How will major changes in labor impact the way that we work and that work is outsourced?

Outsourcing And The Environment Are Evolving
The environment is changing in unexpected ways, and over the last couple of decades outsourcing has been part of that change. Learn how outsourcing and the environment have changed together.

Rising Flood Waters Will Reshape Outsourcing
The changing global environment will make a location's history of floods and storms as important as the wages that workers earn. This article provides

Outsourcing To India Will Get More DIfficult
Modern outsourcing in India swept away barriers to doing work, but old rues and problems may be coming back.

Bad News Keeps Piling Up In Detroit
Detroit gets more bad financial news, making big outsourcing programs more likely.

How To Outsource and Offshore… Simplified
If you ran a start-up, how would you decide which services to outsource?

Our Food, Our Outsourcing
New technology hits the American Farm!

The End Of An Era For College Books
The traditional college bookstore has left the selling of books to someone else!

India Turns to Europe for Growth
Can India make inroads outsourcing work in mainland Europe?

What Will Happen To China’s Outsourcing Trillions?
Newly rich Chinese millionaires are ready to leave China for the US!

Passwords (Default)
How passwords are being incorectly used in computer security.

Is Net Neutrality Obsolete?

Be All That You Can Build: The New Robotic Army!
Robots take over the Army! Wait a minute, those are American robots!

Managing A Mature Outsourcing Program
Outsourcing program has more complexity when they mature,and require a new approach.

Why Crowd Funding Is Different From Shopping On Amazon!
You can get great gifts from crowd funding campaigns, but it's not the same as shopping for gadgets!

Outsourcing: Is this the end?
Will outsourcing fade away in the next few years?

India's Management Gap
How the lack of managers in India is the biggest threat to the success of outsourcing!

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