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Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies looks as new and evolving technologies that impact outsourcing. Topics include subjects such as Cloud Computing, Evolving Models, Pricing Models, Platform based BPO, Software as a Service, Innovation, ......

Innovation And The Industrial Model For Outsourcing!
How can your outsourcing program benefit from an industrial model?

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a new disruptive technology

Mobile Office Technology
Working from home in emergencies and non-emergencies

Non Linear Pricing Definition
Non Linear Pricing definition.

Tracking Your Visitors
Want to know about your customers/visitors and their behavior?

What is Cloud Computing
Questions; What is Cloud Computing?

The (Supercomputer) Power of Outsourcing
The arrival of Cloud Services has created inexpensive virtual supercomputers that can aid complex scientific, biological and computational intensive projects.

The Outsourcing of Money
How cash is turning into electronic payments.

Outsourcing Experiments: Baxter, the Face of Robotics
Can a new generation of robots change the way we outsource? The designers of the new Baxter robot think they can!

Outsourcing Experiment: The Outsourcing of War
There have been big changes in how we wage war; today, outsourcers work on the battlefield, alongside troops!

The Outsourcing of America’s Oil Production
How did America outsource it's out production?

Disaster Recovery Technology Enables Outsourcing Projects
Technology that helps you when a disaster strikes your office also helps you to develop an outsourcing plan.

Open-Book Project Helps Schools To Outsource
Why the new Open Book Project may change the way that schools work, and outsource work.

Lower College Cost AND Improve College Education With Outsourcing
A plan to cut the cost of college tuition.

Water Outsourcing Is Coming To The US!
Rising water needs and falling municipal revenues makes water outsourcing a top outsourcing priority!

More Outsourcing Projects for Colleges
New projects to reduce the cost of obtaining a colleges degree.

Robotistan: The Final Destination for Outsourcing
A tour guide of "Robotistan," the combination of robots and automation that may be the final destination for all outsourcing!

The Snowden Case: Why Outsource Top Secret Work?
Why did the NSA outsource top secret work?

Edward Snowden, Wikileaks And The Death Of Data Security
What's the big impact of the Snowden, Wikileaks, NSA security story?

The Next Big Cloud Service: Crowd Funding
An article describing the hot new topic of crowd funding!

Outsourcing And The Environment Are Evolving
The environment is changing in unexpected ways, and over the last couple of decades outsourcing has been part of that change. Learn how outsourcing and the environment have changed together.

The Pirates of China: Illegal Outsourcing On The High Seas
Long ago America outsourced most of it's fishing to China. Today, we're finding that Chinese fishing fleets are the new pirates of the high seas, over-fishing the oceans and even stealing endangered animals from other countries.

The Rich, Full Aroma Of Fresh Roasted… Outsourcing?
Will your next premium cup of coffee come from a robot?

The NSA New Target: Everyone!
The new mission of the National Security Agency is to collect information from.... EVERYONE!

The Jessie James Effect: Data Thieves On The Internet Frontier
If the National Security Agency is scaled back, there could be some VERY unexpected consequences!

The Not So Magical Decline Of Ethanol
What is ethanol and why is it so important to American budgets?

Robotistan... And The 21st Century... Arrives In the USA!
Robots are arriving in America in all shapes and sizes!

How The NSA Destroyed The Internet
The ongoing spying by the National Security Agency has far reaching implications for how the Internet works, and how we pay for Cloud Services.

The Perfect Storm of Christmas Shipping
Will the ever shrinking United States Post Office disrupt delivery services come next Christmas time?

Outsourcing Keeps Gaming Going for Another Generation
Nintendo's new plans for outsourcing updated version of Mario games will deliver big dividends for the Mario franchise!

Is Net Neutrality Obsolete?

The Counterfeiters!
Where is the capital of counterfeit goods... China!

Can the "Power of Asking" Find Malaysia Flight 370?
Can the power of asking... plus a good cloud service... outsource the search for Malaysia Flight 370?

More Knockoffs From China!
There are counterfeits and there are knockoffs, what would you call the new Goophone from China?

Intellectual Property (IP)
The definition of Intellectual property and its connection to counterfeits.

Why Crowd Funding Is Different From Shopping On Amazon!
You can get great gifts from crowd funding campaigns, but it's not the same as shopping for gadgets!

Yelp! … That’s Some Magical Database!
Is it time to use Yelp!, or time to find an alternative?

Yelp!, one of the world's best known social marketing sites.

Groupon: Powerful Outsourcing, But Use With Caution
Groupon is a powerful tool for outsourced marketing, but you always need to be sure that YOU are in charge!

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