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Contracts and Negotiations

Contracts and Negotiations addresses the legal and contractual issues involved in outsourcing. legal terms, conditions, Service Levels Agreements, gain sharing, penalties, regulatory concerns and termination are representative topics discussed.

Seismic Shifts In Pakistan and Bangladesh
New protests change the political landscape in Bangladesh.

Outsourcing Failure Mars London Olympics
Something went wrong with the security contract at the London Olympics!

Key Performance Indicators
What are KPIs?

Risk Management
How does risk management, regulatory rules and compliance affect outsourcing contracts?

Service Level Agreement
SLA's defined

Step #5 int he Vendor Selection process
The final stage in the vendor selection process is developing a contract negotiation strategy.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in the Contract Negotiation Process

8 Lessons From Indiana
Learn why Indiana's $1.4 billion outsourcing contract with IBM failed, and ended up in court!

Improve Outsourcing With Onshore Projects!
Why are firms turning towards America as a location for outsourcing?

Five Important Issues When You Renew Your Outsourcing Contract
When it's time for your second contract, what are the most important issues to consider?

California's Hyperloop and the Art of Estimation
How can Elon Musk's $6 billion estimate for the Hyperloop transportation system be so far off from the $100 billion transportation experts believe his idea will really cost?

Can Outsourcing be… Shoreless?
When you design your outsourcing program with your vendors, should you stop thinking in terms of onshore and offshore and start thinking of "shoreless"?

World’s Biggest Outsourcer Investigated for Fraud
Corruption in China may be on the way out!

Feel Renewed… 7 Points To Refresh Your Outsourcing Program
When your outsourcing program matures, you start to have different management concerns.

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