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Outsourcing Viewpoints

What trends will have the greatest impact? How will the trends affect the buyers of outsourcing services? How might these trends change the buying behavior/Will offshore captive centers replace the need for outsourced vendors? What new contries are emerging as providers? What regulatory issues need to be addressed?

More on Offshoring your Health Care
Are you ready to outsource your medical care? If so, learn about medical tourism!

Innovative Outsourcing Ideas for Education
Schools face tremendous financial pressure, but well planned and innovative outsourcing projects may just the right solution for your school board or college!

Pitfalls of Outsourcing

Review of China Readiness for Outsourcing
After 20 years of providing outsourcing from the buyer, provider and advisor roles, I recently had the opportunity to visit China and see how China is positioned in the outsourcing space. The easiest comparison is to compare China to India. in our opinion China is positioned where India was in 1995. If China applies itself it can catch if not...

Lowers College Cost AND Improves College Education With Outsourcing
A plan to cut the cost of college tuition.

Outsourcing: The 20 Steps to Success
Outsourcing is here. In ComputerWorld's March 28, 1994, edition, it listed nine "Billion Dollar Babies" -companies that had recently signed or were expected to sign billion-dollar outsourcing deals. Topping the list were Xerox Corp. with a $4 billion plus outsourcing deal, and McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics, with $3 billion deals. Outsourcing can offer definite advantages - but only if you do it right. Outsourcing is fraught with danger for the unwary executive or corporate counsel. Simply stated, it is the "make or buy" decision as applied to the information systems and technology functions of your company. The key question involved "Should your company hire its own systems staff, acquire its own facilities, develop its own systems, maintain its own hardware, develop its own documentation, contract for its own telecommunications network, etc.? Or should it contract such services to an outside specialist organization that has already achieved the economies of scale to allegedly attract the best full-time systems professionals and get the most processing power and development capabilities and tools for the least per unit cost?"

The Risks and Rewards of Outsourcing
The Risks & Rewards of Outsourcing Increasing the Probability & Rate of Your Success

Merriam Webster Says, “Outsourcing is Finished!”
Outsourcing has many different names, and many different definitions. Merriam Webster, the publishing house, thinks that there are too many definitions for outsourcing and is eliminating the word from their dictionaries! This article examines the history of outsourcing and the words we've used.

Outsourcing the American Home
Remember when we all took care of our own homes? Here's an article about the change in American culture, and how we've outsourced the American Home!

Outsourcing and The Oval Office
How does your position on outsourcing affect your view of the candidates for President of the United States?

The Best Exotic Marigold… Hospital?
The hit movie "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" hints at the "outsourcing of old age," and gives us a peek at the new world of Medical outsourcing.

Learning From Failure
How does modern medicine find cures? Through a lot of trial and error. MOSTLY error!

The Return of Privatization
In the 80's the government was focused on privatization. Now we call it government outsourcing.

The Maywood Experiment
Small towns across America are facing bankruptcy. Can outsourcing save small town America?

Outsourcing Police Functions
Governments are looking for ways to outsource police and security functions. Is this a step into the future or into the past?

Space Has Been Outsourced!
Now that the space shuttles are grounded, will outsourcing

Does America Benefit from Offshoring?
Are there benefits to the US economy from offshoring?

Robust, Proven Technology the Key
Please respect FT.com's ts&cs and copyright policy which allow you to: share links; copy content for personal use; & redistribute limited extracts. Email ftsales.support@ft.com to buy additional rights or use this link to reference the article - http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/a3df3b40-01b9-11e0-9c3e-00144feab49a.html#ixzz17jBi5BAL There may be tougher times ahead for the global outsourcing industry. TPI, the specialist research firm, says the market for deals valued at $25m or more declined by 4 per cent, to $55bn of contracts signed, in the year to October. The market for business process outsourcing (BPO), fared worse: BPO contracts fell 15 per cent. Nonetheless, the global value of outsourcing, including BPO and IT outsourcing, is estimated to exceed $1,400bn a year.

Zildjain: America’s Oldest Family-Owned Business
Zildjain, a 400 year old family-owned company, has never fired an employee. What can we learn from their management model?

The Future of Outsourcing
Globalization has been brutal to midwestern manufacturers like the Paper Converting Machine Co. For decades, PCMC's Green Bay (Wis.) factory, its oiled wooden factory floors worn smooth by work boots, thrived by making ever-more-complex equipment to weave, fold, and print packaging for everything from potato chips to baby wipes.

7 Must Read Articles That Explain Government Outsourcing
Explaining the rising trend in government outsourcing.

More Outsourcing Projects for Colleges
New projects to reduce the cost of obtaining a colleges degree.

The Next Big Cloud Service: Crowd Funding
An article describing the hot new topic of crowd funding!

Clothing, Outsourcing and the Poorest Workers on Earth
The problems with textiles move with every new outsourcing project.

It’s Christmas Time!
Is Christmas time the time of year to think about how outsourced workers are paid in other countries?

Slimy, Icky, Nasty, Gold From the Ocean - Glass Eels Are BIG Business!
Even eels may need to be outsourced; consider that when you order your next bowl of Unagi!

The End Of An Era For College Books
The traditional college bookstore has left the selling of books to someone else!

India Turns to Europe for Growth
Can India make inroads outsourcing work in mainland Europe?

What Will Happen To China’s Outsourcing Trillions?
Newly rich Chinese millionaires are ready to leave China for the US!

Outsourcing Sometime Goes Too Far
Will outsourcing repeat last year's mistakes in 2014?

The Counterfeiters!
Where is the capital of counterfeit goods... China!

Will China Continue To Ignore Intellectual Property Rights?
China continues to patents and steal intellectual property, endangering outsourcing and international trade.

Be All That You Can Build: The New Robotic Army!
Robots take over the Army! Wait a minute, those are American robots!

Can the "Power of Asking" Find Malaysia Flight 370?
Can the power of asking... plus a good cloud service... outsource the search for Malaysia Flight 370?

Managing A Mature Outsourcing Program
Outsourcing program has more complexity when they mature,and require a new approach.

Feel Renewed… 7 Points To Refresh Your Outsourcing Program
When your outsourcing program matures, you start to have different management concerns.

Intellectual Property (IP)
The definition of Intellectual property and its connection to counterfeits.

Outsourcing: Is this the end?
Will outsourcing fade away in the next few years?

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