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Not all outsourcing is offshored, although the two are mistakenly used interchangeably. Offshoring usually means other continents and countries are involved, usually for risk management or labor arbitrage advantages. The most popular offshore destinations are India, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and China.New destinations are being added frequently

More on Offshoring your Health Care
Are you ready to outsource your medical care? If so, learn about medical tourism!

A Greater Threat Than Terrorism Outsourcing the American Economy
Is offshore outsourcing good or harmful for America? To convince Americans of outsourcing's benefits, corporate outsourcers sponsor misleading one-sided "studies.

Best Practices: Offshoring and Outsourcing
The discussion about outsourcing continues to be an on-again, off-again affair - onshore and offshore, that is.

Is China a Threat to the U.S. Economy?
The rise of China from a poor, stagnant country to a major economic power within a time span of only 28 years is often described by analysts as one of the greatest economic success stories in modern times. From 1979 (when economic reforms were first introduced) to 2006, China’s real gross domestic product (GDP) grew at an average annual rate of 9.7%, the size of its economy increased over 11- fold, its real per capita GDP grew over 8-fold, and its world ranking for total trade rose from 27th to 3rd.By some measurements, China has become the world’s second largest economy, and it could be the largest within a decade

Offshoring, Smart Business or Shortsightedness
The arguments for offshoring center around free trade, globalizationn, cost saving, productivity and efficiency

What is Offshoring
What is Offshoring Defintion

An IT Security Expert's View
As organizations pursue cost savings and operational efficiencies with their existing business processes, they often turn to service providers either in their home countries or abroad to reap additional cost savings associated with factors such as lower wages, lower operating costs and workers with experience that may not be available in-house.

The Best Exotic Marigold… Hospital?
The hit movie "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" hints at the "outsourcing of old age," and gives us a peek at the new world of Medical outsourcing.

Outsourcing and The Oval Office
How does your position on outsourcing affect your view of the candidates for President of the United States?

Outsourcing Experiment: Labor Rights on the Rise!
Labor disputes in china re on the rise. How will this affect outsourcing?

Outsourcing And The Environment: Seven Trends to Watch
New trends in recycling will move the work to outsourcers.

Lessons in Outsourcing: Waste Management
For years garbage has been flowing from the US to China, now we may have to find new ways to deal with our own trash.

Why America Wants “Just a Little” Outsourcing Reform in Bangladesh
An update on safety issues in Bangladesh.

The Real “India Price”
How well do you understand the "India Price" and the cost of offshore compensation?

The Pirates of China: Illegal Outsourcing On The High Seas
Long ago America outsourced most of it's fishing to China. Today, we're finding that Chinese fishing fleets are the new pirates of the high seas, over-fishing the oceans and even stealing endangered animals from other countries.

India Turns to Europe for Growth
Can India make inroads outsourcing work in mainland Europe?

What Will Happen To China’s Outsourcing Trillions?
Newly rich Chinese millionaires are ready to leave China for the US!

World’s Biggest Outsourcer Investigated for Fraud
Corruption in China may be on the way out!

The Counterfeiters!
Where is the capital of counterfeit goods... China!

Will China Continue To Ignore Intellectual Property Rights?
China continues to patents and steal intellectual property, endangering outsourcing and international trade.

What is the motivation for creating fake goods, and how did China become the center of fake goods?

More Knockoffs From China!
There are counterfeits and there are knockoffs, what would you call the new Goophone from China?

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