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Chris Niccolls

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Chris Niccolls

Chris Niccolls

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Chris Niccolls is a New York based Operations Executive who has managed and developed large-scale and global operations for Fortune 500 firms, and developed innovative methods for improving the quality of corporate services while reducing cost. Chris has worked with the world’s largest investment banks, financial firms, legal groups, and other knowledge-based service firms that needed “break-through” improvements in their services. Chris is the founder and Executive Director PMO & Process Improvement at www.niccollsanddimes.com, which provides consulting services and articles on how to improve corporate services.


Chris' earliest professional experience was in the 80's. The City of New York decided to shift the delivery of social services from New York City employees to lower cost not-for-profit organizations. This early experiment in large-scale outsourcing reshaped the way that services were delivered, not just in New York City but across America. Chris worked with Interface, a local research group. Working with City officials, education and service experts, and community groups Chris was able to develop detailed performance analyses of service providers. Differences in service delivery between programs demonstrated the need for meaningful metrics, effective reporting systems and communication with critical stakeholders in developing and executing transformative change.

From the 90's through the early years of the 21st century, Chris worked for Bear Stearns, one of the world's largest investment banks. Chris joined Bear Stearns as the firm was going through a double transformation. Bear was changing from a Brokerage firm to an Investment Bank, and the financial industry was transitioning from mainframes and "big iron" to Personal Computers. Working for the IT department, Chris was appointed to support, and later lead, Investment Banking's technology projects. After a series of promotions, Chris was hired into Investment Banking as a Managing Director and took over management of all support programs, including technology. Chris developed a Project Management office for the bank, introduced formal quality control and improvement, and developed the firm's first "non-IT" outsourcing programs.

After re-engineering and transforming a wide range of services at Bear, Chris accepted an offer to join Integreon, an international outsourcer of knowledge-based services, as a senior officer of the firm. Here Chris developed Integreon's internal services: new account implementation, quality control, account management and Project Management Office (PMO). At Integreon, Chris developed new programs and re-engineered existing programs for the world's largest Investment Banks and Legal firms, as well as other Fortune and FTSE 100 firms.


Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Government Implementation, has been trained in various project management methodologies and is a certified Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma.

By Chris Niccolls:

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