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The President… On Outsourcing

By July 16, 2012

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"It's almost too obvious to say, but I'll say it anyway. Anyone who wants to become the president of the the United States needs to know that running for president can be very... Political. Each of us has some sort of an image of who the president should be, of the skills and experiences that are needed to qualify for thposition.

Obama is the 1st African-American president. Needless to say, before Obama a lot of people said that you just couldn't get the votes to win if you're black. Hilary Clinton competed against Obama, and lost. So, the wisdom that ou can't be a woman and get enough votes still holds. Both Obama and Romney are married, as has every president since Grover Cleveland. And this is the first Presidential Election where neither candidate has had military experience.

Now we may be seeing the beginning of new criteria for President: Have you ever outsourced? In this election, the question has been phrased, ""How can you build jobs in America and be in favor of outsourcing?"" Wel, there are a lot of ways to be for outsourcing and for the growth of American jobs. The simplest is to outsource jobs TO America! That's not only easier than you think, but it's something that's been going on for a long time.

I don't know where you stand on your candidate and outsourcing, but like every other issue in a campaign year, the reaility is a bit more complex than the sound bites you heard on TV. Outsourcing to America could be a great idea, for everyone!"


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